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Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Alive and on ABC


One thing I did not get to discuss on Ellis Henican’s show yesterday was the way Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos were Rosencrantz-and-Guildensterned during the Philly debate. Sent on a fool’s errand, they concerned themselves with trivialities and minutiae (lapel pins), inflated with self-importance (regarding time, Gibson announced, “I’ll be lenient, but not permissive”), blind to the fact that they were mere cogs in a political machine. They’ve since been chewed up by that machine and spit back out. Yesterday the AP released a feature on the pair’s misguided role in the debate, as did seemingly every other news outlet. And mirroring the careers of R&G, they’ve gone from minor players in a larger story to the subjects of their own little drama. Congratulations fellas, you’ve been sacrificed for a greater purpose.


R&G coverR&G Hamlet


4 Responses

  1. A closer study of Wittgenstein’s ‘Tractatus Logico’ may help you tighten your opinions into real philosophies. This, in turn, may expound your conviction and understand that the absolutes which restrict you reflect in your reasoning.

    It’s a start…….

  2. I’ll tell you what, since I’m not even supposed to be posting today, but should be cooking and setting the seder table, why don’t you enlighten me?

  3. I don’t blame the two moderators. The positions of the two candidates are so similar. The only way to allow voters different perspectives of the candidates is to ask questions regarding their past judgments or experience. Being able to stand up to tough questioning shows a candidate’s strength and toughness. I say whoever is whining should stop.

  4. So. We got a reply. This is important for us because it shows willingness to discuss the issues…

    So let’s start at the beginning.

    1. The world is everything and that is the case…

    The moderators are not relevant. The system which places them there is.
    Do you really suppose that Charles Gibson gives any creedance to the ‘debate’ – I hope not. What to watch for is the number of times the candidates mention astronomical sums of money – i.e “I sponsored a 45 million dollar bill for such and such….” It litters the conversation with a sentiment – Money.
    American television is broadcast at a 7th grade comprehension level–What do impressionable 7th graders dream about,,,Well one of the topics would be money, how better than to confuse them with huge sums they can’t conceive of. Even if you were to ask the average person what he envisions when he thinks of such an amount, he would have difficulty articulating.
    That which we can’t articulate is greater than us and so to be feared or admired………

    Elijah awaits me at the table…..

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