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Passion Play

After my radio appearance, where I feared that I sounded completely incoherent, it turns out may be I wasn’t such a disaster after all. Ellis Henican used a bit of our conversation in his Sunday Newsday column, and it reads about right. I apologize in advance of your reading it that I sound a bit crass–after all, hasn’t there been enough political bloodletting already?–but frankly, I happily anticipated walking into a voting booth for once with my head held high, and now, it appears, I’ll be entering as usual, holding my nose.

It’s a bit distressing to be playing Candyland with this primary when we ought to be deep into Stratego. Ultimately, we will either witness the creation of a whole new government-subsidized industry that brings about some good to our economy and the world in the form of a “green collar” job corps (sorry, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin) or we will dig ourselves so deeply into debt and international disdain that I fear we may never recover–and as someone who has an awful lot invested in housing prices returning to their former effervescence, I quake to imagine 100 more years of investment in the Iraqi infrastructure.

Candyland riots

And then, of course, we have the issue of humanism vs. militarism. Please visit my Pennsylvania Primary Arts Voters Guide alongside my analysis of John McCain’s position on the arts just so you’ll know what you’re up against come November. I still can’t tell you who will get my vote tomorrow: Clinton, for her specificity or Obama, for his idealism, but I can sure tell you that once the Democratic party’s decision is made, if you care about the arts and education in this country, you’d better pull that lever for whomever gets the nomination. 

However, if you happen to be in the first congressional district, one candidate I wholeheartedly endorse is Rue Landau, who is running to be an Obama delegate. I’ve known her since we were children, and she has devoted her entire life to righting political wrongs. As an attorney for Community Legal Services, she’s well aware of Philly’s economic and social needs. She’s a supporter of the arts and a tireless worker for social justice. Nice to know that once in a while, election season offers up a candidate who is actually worthy of a democracy.



5 Responses

  1. And pray which polictical wrongs has Rue Landau righted?… I hope this is not a case of “Bohemian Buddy Worship”…

  2. And to add fuel to the fire… Do you believe we live in a democracy?

  3. After the Faith conversation the other night I would hardly think ‘Humanism’ fits…..

  4. Boy, you’re really on a roll today. Ok, 1: Rue has spent her adult life thus far either working as a political activist, for various political causes, or advocating for the underrepresented via her legal career at CLS. She is admittedly a buddy, but I can’t say I’ve ever known anyone with more faith in the political process and her ability to effect change. 2: I like to believe we live in a democracy–it’s part of what keeps me getting out of bed every day–so please, let’s try not to dredge up that deep and muddy Bush/Gore waterway that I’m trying to imagine is flowing freely under the bridge. 3: I also like to imagine there is some separation between church and state, despite all evidence to the contrary. As a theater critic, I am heavily invested in suspending reality, even if it falls under the rubric of realism. And yes, I know theater is about revealing truths through artificial means, but when it comes to elections, I’ll take escapism, thank you.

  5. “Escapism is the last refuge of the disillusioned” I think that’s Goethe, but you may have to correct me.

    Your first answer is vague, the terms ‘various’ and ‘faith’ are themselves ‘Escapist ‘ comments. Advocacy of the under-represented while ethically laudable is dangerous, for the advocate themselves defines who is under-represented….

    Anyway all that being said I’m really enjoying reading your commentaries they are both insightful and passionate…

    Keep up the good work, it makes us ontologists feel better….

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