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Facebooking for the Future

So I’ve joined Facebook, and have been marveling at the array of theater-related quizzes. To those non-Facebooking readers, the quizzes are designed to spread among Facebook members by having you ask your friends to take them. Your results are displayed on your Facebook page and everyone learns you are more like Galinda from Wicked than Roxie from Chicago, which was not at all what you intended. 

Anyway, in case you’re wondering, I’m like Sunday in the Park with George on the “Which Sondheim Musical Are You?” quiz, I’m an “all-Around Theater Kid” on the “What Type of Theater Kid Are You?” quiz, and in the “Which High School Musical Character Are You? quiz, I’m Ryan, which, if I’m being honest with myself, I probably already knew. 

Ryan pic

I interviewed Whit MacLaughlin of New Paradise Labs the other day and he was emphatic about the effect Facebooking has had on publicizing their new production, Prom, and it seems like pretty much every theater company in town is trying to collect fans and have member pages list their event. I love to see theater hitting the 21st century in this way, as it shows the vibrancy of our aged discipline and defies the greying stereotype.

Perhaps I’ll develop a “Which Inquirer Critic Are You?” app. where you can find out if you’re a Toby, a Howie, or a Wendy (I’d love to post a link here, but sadly, the Inquirer still hasn’t managed to put up a page for me). 

Sample Question: You’re at the Fringe Festival reviewing a new interactive performance piece and one of the actors calls you onstage to participate.

Do you


  1. Tell them to go to hell. After all, you’re not there for their entertainment, it’s the other way around.
  2. Smile and politely decline. After all, it’s their show.
  3. Go on up and attempt to upstage the performers. After all, you’re not gonna let a little thing like professionalism get in the way of your need for attention. 

I’ll let you figure out the results.


Feel free to chime in with your own quiz questions. Who knows, maybe they’ll turn up on Facebook.


7 Responses

  1. Questions for Drama buffs….

    1. Playwright Samuel Beckett wrote in which language?

    2.Which 1917 play held the dubious distinction of being considered ‘An affront to Patriotism’?

    3. What was the name of the ‘Merchant of Venice’?

    4. Which was the first play written entirely for Radio, ie:

    5. The initial production of which play in the late 1700’s caused the audience, without exception to burst into tears?

    Answers please….

  2. You’re on a bus careening through Los Angeles. Which song do you sing along the loudest?

    1. “I’m Andrew F***ing Jackson”
    2. “My Favorite Things”
    3. “Rose’s Turn”

  3. An interesting question…

    For deluded psychotics check answer 1 and see a psychiatrist immediately. DO NOT GO TO SEE THE PLAY IN QUESTION 5 of the previous e-mail.

    For the sociopathic unemployable check answer 2. Please do not try to take the wheel from the bus driver, let him hum along in your reality. Always remember these favorite thing are yours and no one, not even Jackson can take them away.

    For American idol potentials check answer 3 and feel free to insert your own name. When you enter the contest the doorman will give you a number. Remember that number,but, don’t try calling it. The people who checked number 1 are listening!

    For the person that wrote this, check number 1,2 and 3. It’ll make you feel better. Then look in the mirror. In the top right hand corner will be Andrew Jackson, Maria Von Trapp and Rose, and they want to talk…….

    Oh what drama..Have they locked up our fools to make themselves appear wise.

  4. A note for the second post.

    Should someone offer you a Stein book to read, take it on the bus with you. I’ll buy the ticket..

  5. WC: 1. French 2: Don’t know 3: Antonio 4: Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood (I knew this on the phone yesterday, but dammit, second guessed myself) 5: Sadly, don’t know.

    Paul: Hi! To answer your question, um, all three… Quoth President J: “Life sux, and my life sux in particular.” Are you going to ATCA in DC this summer?

  6. Firstly my apologies to Paul for assuming he was a misguided spammer.

    Answers are as follows

    2. ‘The Silver Tassie’ – O’Casey
    5. ‘Die Raubers’ – Schiller.

  7. Nope, I’m not a spammer. But I’m certainly misguided.

    Not sure about DC yet, Wendy, but am thinking about it. It would be great to see you there.


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