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Dead Kiddy Porn

To hold you over until Monday, read my review of Bryony Lavery’s Frozen from this weekend’s Philadelphia Inquirer. You can’t talk back on their website, but feel free to let loose right here.

The play was based on Lavery’s–to my mind–arrogant reaction to a documentary she’d seen on England’s Moors Murders. Moors murderers


Perhaps it wasn’t wise for the paper to send the mother of a daughter exactly the same age as the play’s murder victim to review the show, but on the flip side, I am something of a closet expert on serial killers (as is my mom, which, for a time, made for some truly odd mother-daughter bonding sessions). 

Anyway, I found the play exploitative in the most cynical way, and it really got under my skin, but not, I’m guessing in the way InterAct might have hoped. And one thing I didn’t have room to mention in my review: grieving mother + fondling dead child’s skull = way, way over the top.